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Pergine Valsugana
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Miralago Residence: experiencing the Trentino region on holiday or for work

Do you come often to the Trentino region for work? Are you looking for a flat?Do you study in Trent and would like a place to stay that is only a few kilometres from town, away from all the traffic?Are you just looking for a place to spend a relaxing holiday in total independence and tranquillity?

Miralago Residence is the right solution for you!
Contact us and we will find the most suitable accommodations for you at the best conditions. Courtesy, helpfulness and convenient rates: Our winning hand - and we are always at your total disposal.

Miralago Residence
is located in Pergine Valsugana on the shore of Canzolino Lake surrounded by the mountains of the Valsugana valley in a strategic position that is ideal for easily reaching all the main points of interest in the Trentino region.

Miralago Residence
is only a 10-minute drive from downtown Trent and the various combinations of services available to guests make it possible for them to choose the best solution for their own needs and financial resources. Miralago Residence is perfect for those who need to stay in the Trentino region for medium-to-long periods of time for their studies or professional commitments.

Forget all about rental agreements, condominium expenses, bills, surcharges and other extra expenses. Commodity comes above all else at Miralago Residence. You know exactly what you will be paying in advance and you can stay for as long as you need to. All you have to do is choose the rates best-suited to your living demands and spend your stay in the utmost tranquillity. Take a look at our price list.

Residence Miralago
Via Lungolago n. 41 - Canzolino - 38057 Pergine Valsugana (Tn) - Italy
Tel.: (+39) 0461552403 - Fax: (+39) 0461542323 -
Cod. Fiscale e P.Iva: 01990590224